Varda sings CD Charles Gounod
Review from : A Nous Paris

A Nous Paris 9 July 2001
Page: 7
Reviewer: Cristophe Combarien

Varda Kotler sings Immortal Charles Gounod
The melodies Londonienne of Charles Gounod were composed in a mysterious lifetime period of Charles Gounod when he was involved in a big professional, financial and personal scandal. The melodies (like the Lieder of Schubert) are placed between the classic and romantic periods. The melodies are sealed with gentle magic and charm and at the same time - emotional expressive power. The Soprano Varda Kotler - we already know from her Mozartien and other roles in Monte - Carlo and Vienna sings in a sensitive and intelligent way the unique character of each melody. This C.D is characterized with a good taste. The same program was performed in festival Gounod in Ville Davray, Paris.

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Varda Kotler