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Charles Gounod the composer of the operas "Faust” (1859), “Romeo & Juliet” (1867), “Mireille ” (1864), wrote as well many oratorios and over a hundred melodies from which sixteen are in Italian and twenty in English. We find in this CD almost a complete of Londonienne melodies preformed by the Soprano Varda Kotler.

Love not war. This is how one could sum-up the London adventure of Gounod who escaping the Prussian advance in September 1870, would live through, during his four years in England. The most trying of romantic battles. The experience, Culminating in a complete moral, emotional, physical and commercial collapse, in addition to the decline of his career as a composer, leaves none the less a handful of English melodies as testimony to his years of emotional wandering. This album allows us to discover them.

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    My beloved spake from: song of solomon

    When in the early morn

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The Melodies Londoniennes CD : Collection of reviews
The voice of soprano Varda Kotler flies and leaps so naturally. The melodies are presented in a clear bright line that attracts the listener from the very beginning sounds.    
# Le Monde de la Musique, July 2001    

The charming voice and the beautiful, convincing performance of singer Varda Kotler,who likes to sing in refinement way  .    
# Opera International, June 2001    

The Israeli soprano - Varda Kotler – sings this rare repertoire with great delicacy.    
# Repertoire, June 2001    

The voice of singer Varda Kotler is full of light and spirituality, just as it is pleasant to hear. Her interpretation, not lacking swing and energy – succeeds in remaining discrete in the translation of the religious emotions and sentiments, as well as nostalgic love feelings.    
# Le Christianism, June 2001    

The Israeli soprano sensitively and intelligently performs the melodies of Charles Gounod, marking a stamp of magic, gentleness and tender,  while at the same time prsenting an emotional – expressive intensity.    
# A Nous Paris, July 2001    

Varda Kotler excels with a voice that expresses naivety. Her lyrical soprano brings to mind a natural voice of a girl. Charles Gounod wrote a romantic music to the lyrics of English poets, which many will greatly enjoy.    
# Haaretz    

Varda Kotler demonstrates a very convincing musical personality. She has a clear and penetrating soprano voice and her performance is delicate and sensitive.    
# Globes    

Recommendation of the Week:Nineteen magnificent songs performed by the Israeli soprano, Varda Kotler, with most delicacy and special poetry    
# Yediot Aharonot

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